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Out Of The Red lyrics


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     Out Of The Red
    >> Goo Goo Dolls
        I ain't go no outfits to pick and choose
    So I really ain't got that much to lose
    Picture's getting fuzzy and it's stuck on channel 3
    And the whole thing looks pretty silly to me
    50,000 more and I'm out of the red
    Heavy Metal thrash band, it's all a bunch of shit
    People trying to name me while I'm trying to do my bit
    I ain't got the patience or the time to waste
    Call me a rock star you can spit in my face
    Gonna take a horse to drag me outta my bed
    I'd rather hang with drunks than hang out with myself
    Well, the booze is over there take a glass off the shelf
    If you ain't had enough by tomorrow at noon
    we're gonna place a call to the boneyard crew
    Went to sleep at home and woke up in a shed
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